Reasons to choose Altinay e-Mobility


Altinay is designing and building Lithium Ion Battery systems for the last 10 years.The Heart of such systems is Battery Management System (BMS). All Altinay battery packs are equiped with Altinay BMS which is tailored for NMC, LTO and LFP cell chemistries. Altinay’s battery packs are liquid cooled/heated. The design, CFD and validation of Thermal Management System (TMS) is being developed in-house.


Rapid Customization

Altinay Battery Pack’s are fully designed In-house. With our extensive know –how on battery pack design, we can meet the customer needs by customizing our off the shelf battery packs.


Technical Assistance

Our technical assistance team is also our core technical development team who has very deep knowledge on battery system and  are able to deep dive in to battery tech when it comes to assistance and troubleshooting. Our experts are always ready to assist you.


New Product in under 6 months

If we cannot meet your needs with our off the shelf battery packs we are ready to design a custom one for your needs. This is actually more than 50% of our current business model So we are very used to design, develop and manufacture custom battery packs for transport and stationary applications ranging from 1kWh to more than 1MWh. We can do that in less than 6 months.!


Homologation in under 3 Months

If you need ECER100.2 homologation for your custom battery pack, we can even get the E mark in less than 3 Months!. It may take even 9 months from sketch board to homologated battery packs. Altinay Battery Lab is used to do ecer100.2 tests. Therefore there is no need to book slots in test institutes.  Finding empty slot may even take up to 9 months in Test Labs when it comes to homologation and certification..